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Plum Ensemble Story Part 3B (and the last!) - Making the Veil

It is finished!

To continue where I left off, I added a row of beads to the scalloped edging like so...

These were applied using a loop of 6 beads, then sewn down to the veil at the midpoint of the loop (3 on either side).

For the edge with the flower motifs, I did not want to do the same treatment because it made it look very bulky (and quite ugly I thought). So I just added single beads spaced about 3 mm apart from each other. This gives it a more delicate appearance while still providing some glam.

And here's the transition at the two edges

And that empty space in the between the flowers which looked like this before

now looks like this

Basically the original sequins saved from unusable cut out motifs were stoppered with single beads.

I wish I could show what the overall effect looks like when worn over the head (quite lovely if I do say so myself :]) but sadly, I have neither a proper mannequin head nor suitably willing live models in my house!

Hopefully I will be able to get proper pics from the bride herself when she comes to collect next week (assuming she likes what I've done with it :P)!



  1. Looks like a Wowser to me! yaaayyyyyy!!! :))

    I will see you soon Dal!


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