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Salvaged selvedges

This dress has been appearing all over the crafty web in the past few days...

...cos it's so fabulous!!

I adore the vintage style but mostly love the highly creative use of what is always
disregarded and discarded.



  1. Isn't it fabulous? I couldn't believe it when I saw it today on her blog. Was going to send you a link but you got to it first. I am still reeling from the (good) shock of seeing it. Wish my obsession with bibs could turn into something jaw-dropping like that.

  2. It is absolutely fabulous! It is quite the construction feat, really. About your bibs...you could make a collage of all the cut-out ovals and then transform that into a dress/skirt/blouse/pillow/bag for one/all of your girls :)

  3. Okay, that's pretty awesome. :)


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