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Birthday Outfits, Free Pattern and Giveaway

My daughter turned one on Feb 24. When I made her a Christmas dress last year, I quite decided that I would start a tradition and make her a dress for Christmas every year. Well I think I'm going to extend that tradition and include birthdays as well. Only time will prove if I can hold myself to it. Anyway, I made Nikhita not one, but two outfits for her birthday. Both made out of the same fabrics and similar patterns. The bodice is made out of a cream cotton sateen (which is my latest favourite fabric) and the top layer of flounce and the bloomers were made with an English cotton. I actually started out with plans to make only one dress but for 2 VERY compelling reasons, I decided to make the other one too:
1. One metre of fabric goes a LONG way when making clothes for tiny bodies. 2. A single bodice pattern for a child is SO adaptable and open to versions upon versions. (also, no darts and limited shaping = no fuss sewing).
This outfit comprises a blouse, made from the same bodice pattern as Outfit One, and flared pants, with elastic garters for a waistband. It is embellished with an appliqued flower motif on the blouse and a cream satin binding around the cuffs of the legs. Prior to this attempt, I had never machine appliqued anything before so the result is not great. I had only pinned it to the garment before satin-stitching around the motif. I think I really should have hand-tacked it down instead to reduce the puckering around the applique. Next time. For now, here is another free pattern for download (instructions not included):
Girls' Bodice Top (6-12mos) *Update 2020: My apologies...the pattern has disappeared from my server and I can't find my original copy after so many years.

The pattern does NOT include a template nor instructions for the flounce but it is very easy to make. For the top layer, cut a rectangular strip of cloth 8 cm wide and 115 cm long (which is roughly twice the circumference of the bodice hem). If you have a ruffler or a gathering foot, use them to make gathers, stitching at about 1 cm from one edge. If you don't have these feet, do what I did. As you stitch with a regular foot, make small tucks with an awl about 0.5 cm apart, each tuck being about 0.2 to 0.5 cm deep.
The second, under layer of flounce is 16 cm wide and as long as the first layer. Attach each layer separately to the bodice because you will need to trim off the excess length and seam up the ends of the flounce.
I'm also offering the bloomers or pants pattern to five lucky commentors, who will be randomly picked. If you want to join, please comment on this post, telling me about your latest/on-going sewing or craft project. The winners will be announced on Friday, April 24. *Refer here for updated details 


  1. Pick me! Pick me! One less pattern to draft myself is a good pattern indeed! I love the dresses, J! And yes, kids' clothes are so easy to make compared to us voluptuous (we hope) grownups. Esp us voluptuous grownups after having had a child (or three) - what sort of shape are our bodies now, I moan? Latest projects - oh dear, they are all very silly. You've seen some of them on the blog already. I'll let you in on the secret for the next one: I'm making garden peas. Oh dear, I feel so ashamed to say it in public.

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