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My Version of the Ruby Doll

Jhoanna of one red robin makes really sweet softies and has the pattern for this Ruby doll available on her website for free.

It is very easy to make and great for using up remnants and scraps, which I thought is a wonderful way to reduce fabric waste, and delight a little girl (or boy :)) at the same time!
You can view various examples of Ruby at this flickr group.

I finished making my version yesterday and she was promptly claimed by my one-year-old as soon as she woke up from her nap. Little girls are very forgiving of imperfection, luckily :)

This Ruby is wearing a purple corduroy head scarf, a flower-printed cotton blouse and a plain maroon cotton skirt (all bits and pieces from past, unrelated projects).
Around her waist is tied a white textured voile apron.
She is also sporting boots in a soft brown microsuede.

She looks a bit plain at the moment. I think I want to add a hair ornament and maybe a knitted scarf for her neck (both of which can easily get lost in no time, if not swallowed, so I'm still thinking about it).

We have yet to name her properly, so for now, she is simply referred to as The Doll.

The Doll with her apron askew

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  1. Gorgeous! What a beautiful doll, and what a pretty face! I haven't actually seen the original pattern but I really like what you did with the rouge/blusher and the face details, lah. And though I am not keen on the bunga-bunga (flower) prints, I really like the one you picked for her blouse. Got class. Very cool!

  2. Thank you for trying my pattern! I hope you had fun making her. She is really so beautiful - the fabrics are lovely and the face is absolutely delightful!


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