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Vintage Fabric Score!

It was while on a playdate at our cousin's place this Sunday past. She (my cousin-in-law) hauled out 2 hypermarket-sized plastic bags of fabric, given to her by her MIL who had been collecting the stash since the 70's.

Needless to stay, we had an inspiring and gleeful time digging into the bags. There were also many disrespectful moments when we looked at a piece of fabric and cringed...either at the gaudiness or the very polyester feel :P

But there were MANY pieces in there that ended up in the 'lots of potential' pile. So it looks like there will be PLENTY of garment sewing in my near future.

This is what I took home for myself:

Lovely cottons

And then there is this pile of vintage polyester fabric which I also took, with some reservation but thinking that I could have some use for them:

Dubious about these synthetics

Have not really thought about what I'd make...I'm just enjoying looking at them (the cottons mostly!) for now :)

Hurray for FREE FABRIC!



  1. Lucky!!!!!!!! Mum has some old cloth in her cupboards at home that I intend to raid and inherit when I am next there. No doubt I will roll about laughing at some of the prints, too - not because mum has poor taste but because I am just bad with patterns. I almost have to have other people TELL me what is cool and what isn't - can't seem to tell for myself.


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