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A Bit of Belly Anyone? - Finished!

A follow up to the post here.

Silly me didn't take a photo of the finished costume on my mannequin before delivering the lot. But I got some shots of the girls wearing them at the studio...

In consideration of their privacy, they are all wearing fuchsia masks!

And here a close-up (or some such) of the full outfit.

There is a total of nine strings of beads at the centre front of the bra and nine more hanging from the side front of the skirt.
2 of the appliques were butted up against each other to form the full 'flower' at centre front and on the skirt. There is one piece on the base of each of the bra strap.
An additional length of crystal string loops around the hips.

The ladies seemed pleased with the costume (although rather self-conscious as they modeled for me) and I guess I am too. As usual though, there are a few things I'd do differently next time :)


  1. Gorgeous! You know, much as I never loved pink, I have to say fuschia is beautiful on Asian skin. And these people have abs! They don't have bellies! Fail! Or I'm just jealous. But great work, J - love the skin-tone modesty underlayer. Clever. One that I must copy when making mermaid suits for children. Must go back and check what you used. Was it knit? Where does a person buy skin-tone knit?

  2. Yes, they have abs. When I saw them in their costumes I quickly abandoned all thought of trying out for the class :(

    Alas, I can't take credit for the choice of fabrics. They provided me with the stuff and gave a rough idea of what they wanted and I just worked with it...which I kinda liked cos then I can discard technically impossible ideas!

    The knit is a poly jersey (2-way stretch), rather heavy on the bolt but is quite nice to work with. Email me if you want to know the tech specs :)

  3. lovely fuschia..u made it looks so exclusive!

  4. Heck, if I looked that great in a belly dancer's costume, I'd want my face to be shown!
    Beautiful costumes and beautiful women.

  5. You did such a great job on the costumes - they look amazing.

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