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Look Where I Showed Up!

In 'Just Dance' magazine (Oct-Nov issue)!

I made the bra and the belt in the outfit on the right (and that's Sherlyn, my client!) Actually, I beaded a ready-made bra of hers and made the belt from interfacing and cotton fabric. And THEN I beaded it. I don't know who made the actual skirt but it's a perfect match, don't you think?

This was the very last thing I made before I gave birth. So, of course, I have fond memories of it :)

I never saw the whole ensemble until this publication, so it is a right treat!


  1. And about time too, Blogland's Best Kept Secret, you! What a lovely color combo, that outfit. And the intricate beading! Congratulations on being published! More! More!

  2. It looks amazing - really intricate. Congratulations!

  3. Very awesome Jen! Love the color combo.
    Merry Christmas from Athens!


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