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I'm usually at a loss when it comes to birthday gift giving. Other people's children are especially hard to shop for, in my opinion. Children aren't likely to get excited over receiving clothing and photo frames wallets er...

What does one give a child who seems to 'have it all', without spending a bomb on the latest Disney-Fisher Price-Mattel-Hasbro whatever? Faced with this dilemma not too long ago, I wracked my miserable brain cells for an idea (a really good one) for something that I can MAKE and can personalize so that it easily becomes a one-of-a-kind gift.

And I thought of something really simple.

A fabric folio/hold-all for art supplies

...with the child's name appliqued on the folio and printed on the fabric as well!

crayon roll, pencil case, colour pencil roll, marker sleeve

Almost all children enjoy drawing and colouring and using up paper in general. And they all usually have bits of crayons and colour pencils in the home, in the car, in their school bag... So here's a pretty little place to put them in :)

The art folio and 4 hold-alls (crayon roll, colour pencil roll, pencil case and marker sleeve) are available for handmade-order, personalised with your child's name as shown.

The main fabric is a sturdy cotton canvas and the printed fabric is an upholstery-weight cotton. The child's name is digitally printed onto the fabric in 2 colours in the pattern shown and used to make the crayon/colour pencil pockets, the pencil case, the binding, and the applique on the front of the folio.

There are 2 layers of pockets, in 2 heights, for the crayons and colour pencils. So they will still fit in the rolls when they inevitably get shorter.

More details:
  • Folio - sturdied with stiff board inserts and comes with individual pockets to fit the hold-alls and will fit standard-sized drawing block (USD 18.00)
  • *Crayon roll - choice of 12 slots (USD 8.35) or 18 slots(USD 8.50)
  • *Colour pencil roll - choice of 12 slots (USD 8.35) or 24 slots (USD 8.50) --- will fit slim magic markers too
  • Pencil case - approx. 4 x 10 inches(USD 5.50)
  • **Marker sleeve - fits 6 standard-width markers/stamper pens --- example shown is from IKEA (USD 7.00)
*crayons and colour pencils are NOT included.
**Markers are included with the marker sleeve but might be replaced with different ones according to availability.
Pick your own combination of hold-alls for the folio, or enjoy a 5% discount for the complete set (USD 45).
All items are hand-made by me and I stand by the quality of my work.
Bonus gift: Create a link to this post and I will include a free drawing block with your order.


  1. Argh! I LURVE! I LURVE! Brilliant!
    And free drawing block! There is no such thing here in the US. I always bulk-buy those for the kids to paint on when I am back in Singapore. Lucky Amanda! ARGH! Do NOT sell this pattern! Do NOT make a tutorial! It's brilliant! It's brilliant! (said that already, but am at a loss for (more) words, lah!

  2. Your list gives me many creational ideas that I can perhaps use on my web tender too.
    Dillon dynamometer


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