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I just HAD to go and mess with my blog template...!

I even remembered to save my original template before messing about with it, but something must have gone wrong while saving and then it wouldn't load up properly after that. This is what comes of Mucking About instead of Getting On With Work.

Luckily I had a really old (I mean really!) template saved in the pc and that's what you're looking at.

I think I'll leave things alone for a while...

...maybe not ;)

Edit - Now that I've gone and put back in some of the fancy html doo-dads that were missing this morning, I think I prefer this 2-column layout to that OTHER 3-column one. I think, FINALLY, we have a winner folks!


  1. Computer ate my comment. This is second time around. I commiserate. But I also like your new /old template look. Spacious. Nice. I was thinking about getting rid of my ashen-gray background also, when my computer crashed and saved me from fiddling about with templates. Otherwise, I might have very likely permanently changed my template to who-knows-what as well. Or maybe I'd have had a happy accident like yours and ended up gooder!

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