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New beginnings. PDF Patterns are at $2 now.

Hello everyone :)

It's been a monumental year for me.
Upheavals and changes have marked most of 2015 and 2016.
I was stuck for a long time in a rut of my own doing, which I realise now.

Through much soul-searching and self-confrontations (and lots of crying) in the past week, I feel a great new hope for the future.

My lovely friends,
sometimes all it takes is a small nudge, sometimes a huge shove to get us back on track.
Sometimes the push is painful, but the magic is within us to rise above the bleakness.
We just have to be willing to see.
To dig deep, root out the self imposed obstacles, and dump it for good.

It is hard to do, I know it.
But it gets easier, the more you dig.
It gets clearer, the more you heal.
It gets more hopeful, the more you see.
You feel more joy, the more hopeful you become.
And with joy, comes love and gratitude.

With love and gratitude,
the creativity can flow, unhindered.
Because you are just filled with good vibes :)
Positive energy!

To help you in your creative journey,
and to show my gratitude to the Universe for my many blessings,
my PDF patterns are now at $3for the indefinite future.

I will add more pdf patterns to the library, in time.
But for now, what I have are available for $3 each :)

Go and create for joy and love.
Let the light be our guide.


  1. Hi! I just came over from Ikat Bag's blog and purchased the darling little bodies dress pattern. My little girls love simple dresses and this is perfect. If I start now I may have a matching set for my girls by Spring :-)
    Thank you for creating them and look forward to more "beginner level" projects I hope.

    1. Thank you, scrappychica (love your nick!). Enjoy the process :)


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