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On My Drafting Table...

Wow...I've had so many late nights this week that midnight is beginning to sound early to me!

Yes, it's midnight now and I'm up blogging 😂...

...about the thing I love doing - pattern drafting!

I prefer it over sewing, hands down.
Sewing itself gets a bit tedious at times.
Especially when it's mass production work.
But I know some people who like the auto-ness of mass production (I'm looking at you, LiEr!)

Pattern-drafting, on the other hand, is all about the engineering; melding fit and design into creating something that works.
What a turn-on!

So on my drafting table this week is this:

It's a jumper obviously, or romper, depending on which part of the world you are reading this.
What else is it called? (leave a comment on that, won't you?)

There must be a more grown-up word for something a woman would wear.

It's for a lovely friend of mine whose creativity is a thing to behold.
She's an architect by trade and I'm not surprised her talents extend to fashion design as well.
That's how it is with creative people...they can do just about anything if they want to :)

I'm only just starting to think about the right fit to draft and if I should cut the black on the bias, to eliminate the need for waist darts...don't want to mar the lines.

The back of it repeats the same diagonal lines and V-dip 'neckline'.

Oh here are the cloths to use:

Black and nude-coloured silk crepe....hurray (no really, I'm working on positive thinking *wink*).

The fabric will work great though with a body-skimming relaxed fit, bias cut.

Yes...it's the perfect fabric :)


Well, time to get back to work.
It's still only 12.30am 😏


  1. I too love drafting! Some times I almost wish I had someone who could do the actual sewing for me, so that I could just pattern draft and test all the time ;)
    I definatly think you should put the darts into the seams. You don't want extra darts on something like this.

    1. Yes, me too (wish someone else to do the sewing :D)!
      The jumpsuit is done and dusted and sent off to the client.
      Yes, I did put the bust darts into the seams. It became a loose fit, so no waist seams were necessary after all.


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