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On my drafting table(2) - Romper pattern for women

Drafting the romper pattern turned out to be more straightforward than I first imagined.
The diagonal colour-blocking were really a non-issue and I knew that.
Draft the romper pattern first, then draw in the lines for colour-blocking, cut, add seam allowances, and voila!
I ended up with just 5 main pattern pieces (facings were later drafted).

The cloth was not cut on the bias in the end.
I left it on grain, and cut the bust darts into the seam at the top of the V.
Waist darts were completely eliminated for a loose and relaxed fit, as per the client's instructions.

She loved it in the end.
I'm proud to say it took only one fitting, and that was to determine the length of the shoulder straps.
Everything else fit...but then again, I've worked with this client for such a long time and for so many garments that I've had sufficient practice where drafting for her body is concerned.

It was a fun project.
Wish I had pictures to show you of the finished garment, but alas it didn't look like anything on a hangar...
I'm awaiting pictures from the client, however.