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Surgical Tool in My Sewing Kit!

How is everyone feeling this week?
I hope you had a sumptuous and love-filled Thanksgiving :)

I missed out on turkey myself because it's not a holiday typically observed over here in KL.
But I do think it should!
Because we should always be grateful for the little blessings.

Right now, I'm grateful for this handy little tool in my sewing box...

It's a medical clamp.

Yup, I have surgical tools in my sewing room.

This little gadget is just great for turning collar points.
And it's really good for clamping 2 pieces of cloth together when you need both hands to work on something else.
It is by far my favourite 'non-sewing' sewing tool!

Here's a video I made of this little guy in action:

It's obvious I need practice in taking better videos!
But as it's my first one ever, I shall forgive myself, learn from it, and move on...:)


You can get one of these clamps from any medical supply store, or ebay for that matter!
This one was given to me by my father, who found it in a second-hand kiosk by the road side in Singapore.
And it cost him all of $2!
Just make sure the needle-nose of the clamp is curved rather than straight, and it is as pointy as you can find them.

Wishing you a blessedly thankful day!


  1. I use my hemostats all the time, too! Straight and not pointy, but I use it more for stuffing skinny doll bits and pulling/turning long skinny things out that chopsticks fail at. So useful! That said, I must get one of them curved pointy ones, too, if they can do corner points of collars. And other acute angles.

  2. Is that what it's called? I saw so many version when googling for the name that I figured a generic name did not exist :).
    Thanks for the clarification, LiEr!


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