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A Corset for a Wedding

Despite the fact that my online business is only about corsets, I have yet to post anything about corsetry here. That is mostly because I only offer a very few styles and really, who wants to see the same things (albeit in different colours, etc) over and over again?

This particular corset had very specific needs to address though. The dress it is to be worn under has a very low back, all of 2 inches from the waist up! We tossed about the preference of a waist cincher instead but my client really wanted underbust support as well. I was skeptical at first of how much underbust support could be gotten with such a minimal to zero back support but drafted a pattern I thought might work anyway.

With a gentle curve from centre front to side, then back, it should prevent the top front from flapping forwards, yet afford adequate underbust support at the same time.

With the design approved by the client, I made it up in a delustered white satin, and flossed it with silver embroidery thread.

I added the blue highlight so that the bride might have a discreet 'something blue' as well.

Fortunately, the design worked well (on my very forgiving mannequin in any case).
Hopefully, it fits on the intended body perfectly too.


  1. It be gorgeous! Now this is real sewing - garments, I mean. Not the namby-pamby crafty stuff I do right now. Beautiful! I like the embroidery - do all the corsets have similar little v's?

  2. Rubbish! Sewing is sewing regardless the object. What you do requires much creativity which is a more valuable asset in my opinion.

    I have a few variations of the 'v's but they are more or less similar :)


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