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I'm Officially 'On Leave'...Woohoo!!

Today marks the start of my 2 week break from sewing...work related ones, of course! I fully intend to spend the first week sewing for myself at last (which basically only means sewing for fun, because my sewing plans for the week includes things for the babe and the hubby...and maybe a Christmas present or two).

The last time I was in Singapore, I stocked up on more fabric, naturally, from my favourite store, Spotlight.

I want to make Nikhita a dress from either one of these 2 coordinated sets. I firmly advocate that children should be dressed as colourfully as is decent and tasteful (because it is very difficult to get away with these combinations without serious questioning of one's state of mind as an adult).

My best buddy of Ikat Bag had introduced me to Hanna Andersson children's clothing last year, when she sent me a couple of their catalogues. It was love at first sight! I picked out 2 contenders for patterns that the fabric choices will suit:

The one on the right will suit very nicely but I'm not a big fan of flounce...I will just KIV for the future. I think I will go with the left one, with some modifications.

I also have these for the babe but have not quite made up my mind yet what they will become. Although I do think some new jammies might develop from the fabric 2nd from the top. The 3rd one down is purple corduroy, which will probably end up being a jacket and a skirt or/and pants.

Henry the husband will get a shirt. He's been resolutely on a campaign to lose weight and get fit and I must say he is looking better than I've ever seen him!

Fabric for his shirts

Yes, I know they are floral, but it is my belief that REAL men wear flower prints (and pink, for that matter). I will probably make up the one in blue first and save the other one for Chinese New Year 2009.
No picture of a shirt design to show you but do you really need to see a picture of a short-sleeved shirt?

And so we come to fabric meant for me!

And sadly, I've absolutely NO IDEA what to make for myself. The black and white number will become a blouse cos there's only so much material. The other 2, sundresses of some sort, but as yet, no actual image of anything in my head.




  1. Eeeee! Fabric! I want! I love the prints you got, even Henry's. Yes, real men wear floral. And your yellow marimoto? Mikimoto? Whatever. Very hip. Make dress, definitely. One of those sleeveless Aline types with the hip belt in black. Very my-mother-in-her-20s and Jackie-O. The babe's fabrics: hm, bibs first. Ha ha! No seriously, I am not a fan of the flounce either, but I've learnt that little girls younger than 2 need big skirts so they can sit immodestly. So gathered, shirred, princess line, baby doll, whatever, just not tiered so it won't look like a giant scrunchie. The purple corduroy will be fab for a sleeveless pinafore baby doll type with a fitted yoke and gathered skirt. Long, like calf length. Short is out. Long is in. Am so excited for you! I am falling behind in my Christmas sewing. 8 days to Christmas and I haven't finished! I hate Hanna A. I covet everything they have and no time to draft, copy and sew. BAH!!!!!!!

  2. Ohh love the dress you have picked to sew for babe N. Most def the left one, i had enough flouncy stuff when i was her age... actually i was flouncying around till 11 probably. (eee that sounds naughty)

  3. Eh, left an award for you on my blog.

  4. That Girl's Panel Dress, I want to make that ssssoooo bad for my granddaughter. I got the fabric, I printed the tutorial then I noticed it's for size 6-12(um um um). I would like to know how can I make it(18-24 months) also just how wide and how long are the panels? email: tjsj_03@yahoo.com PS I saw the pictures of you in your dresses...they are absolutely beautiful & so are you!!!

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