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Maroon Kebaya Story Part 2 - Fit

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The next challenge was the fit, of course. I had fitted a mock-up on my client earlier but you never truly know until the actual garment itself is on a body.

And it turned out that a lot more fine-tuning was required, especially on the kebaya, now that it was longer than originally planned.

The sleeves needed to be narrower and the shoulder length shortened. My client's upper torso was rather concave as well, which necessitated a shorter width across the upper bodice. Overall, it had to be taken in a lot...as you can see from the pictures!

The skirt was a better fit but we both agreed that it would look so much better if it was just a tad narrower from the hips to the knees.

When I finished with the alterations, it certainly looked a thousand times better. Sadly, I did not have a chance to get any pictures of her in it...here is what it looks like on my mannequin (which is too big for it!)

The front is supposed to meet, of course
and does on the client

You can' really see the fit of the skirt because it's only pinned on, unfortunately.

Lace detail on the front 'lapel'

Closer view of the back

The under-layer of fabric is cut away for the full effect of the lace to be seen.
The front lace panel was also re-attached to the back piece. I'm rather pleased with how that turned out!

Overall, this was quite an enjoyable project from start to finish :)



  1. Well! Words fail me. It looks great, first. I have never heard of a sarong being taken apart and sewed like a quilt. Seems somehow sad. That's a remarkable piece of work, though. I hope you charged her the moon for all that customizing. Godets! What will they think of next?

  2. That is _gorgeous_ and I _want_one_.

    Course I don't think it would look quite as good on me...

    Ah, well.

    Also, you've been tagged.

  3. It's coming along great!
    You are great at what you do, worth paying for such perfection.


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