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Black Sheath (aka 'I am still here' post)

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Just the usual things getting in the way of blogging...you know, work, family, living. It seems like every time I think I have some space to breathe, I get a new commission or someone falls sick. The former is good, I shouldn't complain about that, but the latter - not so pleasant at all.

I finally found some time to actually sit down and sift through a gazillion pictures and wanted to show off something I made a million years (only 3 months lah) ago, with a view to developing it into a proper pattern for sale. I have a few on the drawing board but this stretchy piece is up first for its simplicity.

A very straightforward pattern, no faffing about with darts and other irritants, and therefore very suitable for the virgin (in terms of sewing...people!). Made in a knit-jersey fabric with a four-way stretch, it moulds itself to your shape and is very comfortable to wear.

My husband is not the best photographer in the world so don't mind the weird foreshortening of my body - which is also cleverly hiding the bumpy bits... er, the wrap is doing that too :P

Like I said, still on the drawing board, but as soon as I've written the instructions and finalised the pattern to fit various sizes (and taken a decent photo of it on the mannequin), it will be up for sale on my etsy site.

Meanwhile, some 'eye candy'. In support of breast cancer awareness month, here are a couple of the many corsets I have made this year for various commissions. Go here to find out more about breast cancer and how you can help support the cause.


  1. Awwwwwriiiiight! First, love those shoes. Second, don't see any bumpy bits, wot. Third, the sheath dress is marvelous, but I daren't wear it given the current bumpiness going on HERE right now (and for the next few exercise-less years, it looks like). Fourth, corsets look wonderful as always, especially the black one. Byoooootifoool.

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