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A Little Dress For Felicity

Who's Felicity, you are asking?

She is the little girl who loves to dress up.
She is the tom-boy who unhappily dons a dress for her big-girl-cousin's wedding.
She is the little lady who enjoys serving tea to her stuffed animals in plastic 'chinaware'.
She is the daughter of that lady who insists that her children are always immaculately groomed.

Most of all,
she is the girl who runs free in the garden but is called back by her mother for fittings of the latest little outfit that's under the sewing machine needle.
A dress that is meant for any and every special occasion...until it is eventually outgrown.

I made this dress for Nikhita in July 2009. It was for her to wear to a grand wedding reception and there really was nothing formal enough in her wardrobe of mostly hand-me-downs. Since then, she has worn it to 2 other weddings and a Hari Raya open house at a rather posh venue. It's really getting too short for her now but if anything fancy appears on our calendar within the next month or so, she will probably wear this dress again...for the last time most likely.

We got such good mileage out of it that I thought that others might like such a dress too. The original dress is made from purple corduroy and it was always paired with white leggings and black mary janes. But really, the style suits a large variety of materials and its simplicity opens itself to infinite possibilities for embellishment.

Mark it with your own aesthetic and name it after yours, why not?

(click on the image)

Felicity's Formal Frock is now available for sale.


  1. Already went on and on in my email, but forgot to mention that the tomboyishness may not be permanent! J was sort of like that and now she only wants to wear dresses. Or, more accurately she only wants to wear the one brown dress with the little pink bow in front. All that said, I love this dress - it is so clean and unfussy and formal and not an organza-tulle-pink nightmare that a lot of formal little-girl's dresses can be. I lurve.

  2. hi :) just stumbled upon your blog. Your illustration is awesome. I used to take up bellydancing too but have retired quite some time back.

    Hope to see more interesting needle work from you.

    cheers from the lion city over the causeway =^..^=


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