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Well Hello...!

It's been a while, hasn't it? A VERY LONG while since I posted anything of real use. I must apologise, I think, to those few of you who have me on your blogroll or have subscribed to my posts.

The past year and a half has been full of challenges and busy-ness. In October of 2010, I had to take on a part-time job to contribute to the household cookie jar. A desk-bound, computer-screen staring type of job. It was the first time I worked away from home since the birth of my daughter (who turned 4 yesterday!) and it was traumatic for both of us!

Then an opportunity came to expand my tailoring business and I made a go of it...but it took me away from home on a full-time-working-mom basis. I was a blubbering mess for the first 2 months, I missed my baby so! Now she's gotten used it and I've gotten used to it, but as a mom, it wasn't a sacrifice that was worth it. Fortunately, I'm moving the tailoring back home (Yayyy!!) which, hopefully, means I will have more quality ad hoc moments with my no-longer-a-baby-girl.

I must have sewn over a hundred garments last year. In all the various careers and jobs I've had over the years, I've never felt more like a work-horse! My eyes have suffered (have to wear multi-focals), my fingers are dried out and my lower back throbs like a distant drum. But also, never have I enjoyed going to work more (once I got over missing-the-baby bit). And that's something extremely satisfying, gratifying and validating too. Granted that it took me away from my family and the monetary reward was less than I would have preferred, but since I HAD to go find employment, better that I got to really enjoy the work, the environment, the people.

So that's why I've been MIA.

But now I'm ba-ack!

Looking forward to visiting with all of you again :)


  1. Hurrah! And what a return! I LOVE that ivory dress (photo #2) and that yellow saree-inspired over-the-shoulder number in the last photo. LOVE, I tell you. Is that all part of your RTW line? LOVE. I will stop saying LOVE now. Glad you're back! Kiss N for us and wish her happy birthday!

    1. Thanks, LiEr! Yes, these are part of our RTW debut collection. (see Francisca & D)
      That ivory dress has rows of pearl beading along the sleeve and dress hems. We love it too :)

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