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Yesterday, I completed a Chef's Jacket and Waiter's shirt for a client;
samples for their remodelled cafe here in KL.
I'd show you pictures, but I'm not sure I should.
At least not until they've started using it in the cafe.

I finished them in less time than anticipated
And all because I was so happily absorbed in the work that it didn't feel like work.
Not at all.
When was the last time you felt that way about 'work'?
Let's hope it wasn't too long ago.
Unfortunately, for me, the last time I felt that way was really too long ago.
But then, as I've explained before, I was in a funk for the past few months.

Someone gave me another great tip last week.
That's to write down 5 things I'm grateful for that day,
and to do that just before going to bed so that we go to bed feeling positive.

I've been doing that every night since.
And I must say, it's brought a change to my morning mood.
It didn't happen after the first night, though.
It took about 6 nights.
But then that's me.
I was never a morning person;
especially not when I have to wake up at 5.45am every day! Ha.

In case you think this blog is appearing less and less about sewing,
fear not.
I've got ideas on the drawing board for a new collection of sewing patterns.
And I'll put sneak peeks here from time to time.

I'm even thinking of a tutorial or two.
Mostly bite size servings of technical how to's.
Like how to sew a seam with piping in the way.
And how to sew a button (sounds too simple?
Well, I realised most people sew them on in such a way that it causes the button placket to pucker when you wear the shirt, or dress, or any buttoned-up garment.)

Before I go, here's something I'm grateful for today:
The Rain!
It cooled the house down considerably while I was cleaning it from top to bottom,
music blasting in the background - Rock Hits from the 60s & 70s :D.
Yes, I sang into the mop handle.
And I had FUN!