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Positively motivating

The amazing thing about emitting positive energy, no matter how little of it, is that positive things start happening to you.
It's almost as if it can't help itself :)

I met a novelist on Wednesday who wanted me to test-read her manuscript.
I was invited to an up-coming party.
I unexpectedly got a sale on 2 of my RTW dresses from 2 seasons ago!
It just keeps coming.
It will for you too.
Just keep those thoughts positive.

AND I've been getting ideas on my next pattern to develop.
After a hiatus spanning years.
Actually, it will be a whole series of patterns, based on a theme, for both women and children.
I can't wait to get started!
First though, I've got orders to finish....happy problems.
That doesn't stop me from sketching and jotting down notes and thoughts though :)
Gotta keep the momentum going, you know?

Today, I received a wonderful tip on how to keep the gloomies at bay.

....do at least 2 things each day that make you happy;
Sing in the shower, or while driving.
Go and run outside with your kids.
Sit in a cafe smelling the aroma of roasted coffee beans.
Anything that makes you happy.

For me, that's creating and making.
Drafting, sketching, writing.
...and singing off-key :)

What does it for you?
What 2 things could you do to make happy for yourself?

If  sewing is your thing,
PDF patterns are still at $2 ;)


  1. I'll tell you what 2 things I did today that made my day: wearing shorts in the 70-degree sunshine in NOVEMBER in Minnesota, and reading this post. Good to have you back, D! Mwah!


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