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Drafting Basics 1 - Online Course

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Drafting Basics 1
How to Draft a Basic Bodice Block

I've been wanting to do this for a long time but kept NOT doing it for one reason or another. It took a pandemic and being forced to stay home to finally give me the motivation to sit my butt down and do it.

Amazingly, from the moment I sat down until I hit that 'publish' button, there was no desire to do anything else. From figuring out which software(s) to use and learning how to navigate them all, to researching on which platform I wanted to publish on, it was a smooth flow of one thing leading to another, in spite of so-called hiccups and technical snafus. The Discovery was so enjoyable that I fretted not at all and just kept at it, feeling like an explorer of sorts.

Much love and appreciation to my beta testers Claudine and Lorraine (of Ikatbag who has appeared here from time to time) for their time and invaluable feedback. 

For now, the plan is to start with basic but necessary skills. So the first course is on drafting a basic bodice block, or sloper, as it's known to some. Follow up modules are in the works.  

The course is available at Udemy and Teachable, whichever suits your fancy. However, if you sign up at Teachable, you will get my Versatile Blouse pattern for FREE.
Stay safe and take care of each other.


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