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A Versatile Blouse pattern (part 2)

Previously, I talked about the adaptability of the Versatile Blouse pattern because of its simple lines and basic cut. The quickest way to change up the pattern is to modify the neckline, either by cutting a new shape (eg, a V-neck) or by adding a collar.

A) Here is the blouse with a detached key-hole type neckline. To simplify things even further, just finish it with a binding. Pull the look together by binding the bottom edge (instead of hemming) as well.


B) Adding a collar is slightly more complicated, but the easiest one to make is a band collar. 


You can just cut a straight strip of fabric (A). The band will gape away from your neck, as shown in the pictures above. For a closer fit, cut strips that curve slightly (B), and the band will hug your neck more snugly.

C) The pattern also can be adapted into a dress by just extending the length of the pattern from the waist.

In the example above, the original round neckline has been redrafted into a boat neck, and I also added short capped sleeves. The style I was going for was a mod dress. To add sleeves, extend the shoulder line of the pattern to about 4" - 4.5" (or measure yours) and draw a suitable armscye. Or just omit the sleeves and make a tank dress. 

The possibilities are limited only by one's imagination. 

In an upcoming post, I describe in detail how to add a flat collar to this pattern, but the method will work for any blouse pattern with a flat neckline.

The Versatile Blouse is available here.


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