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East meets West - A Corset Story

In the old days, corsets were also worn under traditional kebayas which were made from lacy fabric or thin cotton voile trimmed with delicate cut-work embroidery. The corset (as a body shaping undergarment) was meant to be visible through the thin fabric. Nowadays, women more commonly will wear a nice bra or a camisole under. The sarong (skirt) itself is typically made from cotton or silk fabric printed with traditional batik.

Recently, I had finished making a kebaya and sarong sample set to test a sewing pattern I had designed for my Etsy store. While working on finishing the pattern instructions, I got to thinking that one could use traditional batik for the corset itself. Whereupon I got side-tracked from the pattern-making work (as one does) and began cutting up the remnant batik cloth I had used for the sarong to piece together a corset.

It was so satisfying.

Traditional sarong batik has a panel design meant to be pleated and tucked into the centre front waist. That panel design looks great when placed on the centre front piece of the corset as well. 

I'd say it would work well on the back lacing panels and / or back modesty panel. For this particular sample, I used the border design on the back lacing panel, which also worked out marvellously!

Because I was experimenting with remnant cloth, this corset turned out pretty tiny. The waist is 21" (will fit up to 24" waist). This particular piece is available as a sample sale but made-to-order is also possible.

Alternative batik fabric will be made available soon. Or you can send me a message to begin a discussion. 

Hope everyone is emerging from collective hibernation in good spirit! 


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