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Wraparound Trousers - preamble

 I love a good bargain. I especially enjoy rummaging through the discount table set up near the front entrance of a department store or at the public foyer of a shopping mall. Thirty years ago, I was engaged in such an activity when I came across a substantial piece of fabric that looked like it had a trouser crotch. Despite my love of puzzles, I could not figure it out. My bemused expression must have signaled the attention of the sales lady, who promptly, and gleefully, appeared at my side. She must have witnessed many similar expressions throughout her shift.

She showed me how to put it on and I was delighted by the ingenuity of the pattern. I bought it and wore it for many many many years in spite of its bright red colour (only colour left in the bin).  At some point, I decided to replicate it in a more muted hue, which I also wore for many many many years. I no longer have either pair and cannot remember how I lost them both, bearing in mind that I have moved dwellings a total of 6 times and have experienced various fluctuations of weight and girth since then.

I finally made another pair in December 2019. Friends and family have exclaimed over the cleverness but I cannot claim any credit of course. That first original pair that I bought was by Bods/Bodynits, a Singaporean brand. I do not know if they actually came up with the original pattern idea but I've seen a couple of different tutorials online, so I dare say the pattern is fair game. I toyed with writing the tutorial for over a year before I finally sat down and started.

My version has neatly bound edges and no sharp corners. I recommend using medium, medium-heavy weight cloth so that it hangs straight while walking, otherwise it has a tendency to flap open. 

This grey version is made with medium-weight twill, bound in black sateen cotton binding (self-made), and has two very basic rectangular patch pockets. It also fastens with buttons, front and back. 

The orange art print version I show in the tutorial has the more usual waistband and tie-back; no pockets but you can easily add those according to your preferred size and style.

Preamble over. Video Tutorial will be available in the post after this.



  1. Eh! I remember those pants! Or maybe I remember pants which were like those pants! I might even have borrowed them to trace the pattern. I remember sewing pants like these for dance once. Mass-produced them for the whole dance team, even, but the tie-kind, not the button. Madness. They were so cool (and still are). You're right - making them in lining polyester, while lovely for dance, made them very flip-open-prone. Your version here is so classy. I love the button fastening placket thing. And the fit is fabulous as always!

    1. Thank you! They are really easy and quick to make, although the finished piece 'looks complicated'!

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