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Wraparound Trousers - a video tutorial

Read the inspiration behind the tutorial, with suggestions for variations.

The tutorial is in 2 parts for your convenience:

Part 1 includes Materials, Measuring & Drafting.

Part 2 is exclusively on sewing the pattern and finishing (Construction), with added steps on making your own bias binding to match.


1. Use medium or medium-heavy weight fabric.

2. If your waist-to-hip ratio is high:

-add another 2" to your waist measurement

-then make 2 darts to each side instead of the single one (per side) shown.

3. Watch the videos at least once through before starting to make.

Bon Chance!

I chose to have these videos hosted on YouTube, which means I now have a YouTube channel. I have mixed feelings about it but it does seem to be the most convenient platform, all things considered. So if you don't mind, I'm going to parrot the words of every YouTuber, "please 'like' and subscribe"!

Btw, a PDF version of this tutorial is also available.


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